Mech Force Inferno takes place in a not-so-distant future when the military is our last line of defense against unmitigated climate change. 

It's up to you to contain and extinguish raging wildfires before they destroy every city in their path. Can you and your team of elite mechs contain mother nature before it's too late?

Art, music and code created by Tyler R. Davis, originally made for MechJam II.


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Really neat little game. Super tight mechanics. There's a bug in how it resets after a playthrough, though. Sometimes cities remain burned, sometimes ground remains scorched. And another in occasionally cities that haven't been burned or dug up get recorded as destroyed. Unsure on exact steps to replicate though, sorry.


How you can reload the water charge of the 'cone' mecha (not the digger and not the helicopter). Thank you! :D


Move the helicopter next to it, while the helicopter still has water. Select the "reload" option on the helicopter. It only take 1 water from the helicopter to fully reload the cone mecha.